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Sava 77973 SLK 1 6x6 PowerLift 1.1 Ton Heavy Duty Air Lifting Bag (8 Bar/116 PSI) AVAILABILITY: Normally Ships Next Business Day.

Regular Price: $284.75

Special Price $260.10

BUY THIS Sava SLK 1 77973 6x6 PowerLift 1.1 Ton Heavy Duty Air Lifting Bag (8 Bar/116 PSI) TODAY FROM RENTAL TOOLS ONLINE.
This nearly indestructable inflatable air lifting bag from SAVA(model: 77973) is available at one of the best prices anywhere on the internet or in-store!



SAVA Lift Bag Capacity Chart

Sava PowerLift Lifting Bags are used for lifting loads up to 77 US tons. Use when maximum lifting force is needed in low clearance situations. Each of these heavy lift air bags exerts up to 116psi on the contact surface. Solid brass and thick Kevlar-cord reinforced rubber pneumatic lifting system minimizes risk, sparks, and damage caused by mechanical or hydraulic devices.

Sava PowerLift Lifting Bags have a thin profile and are simple to use. The convex, dimpled interlocking surface and safety straps provide superior gripping power when two lifting bags are stacked on top of each other. Twelve standard sizes are available with lift capacity to 74 tons. Safety straps minimize shifting hazards and allow bags to to be strapped together for safety. Safety straps provide anchorage for attachment of pulling and placement ropes so it is less necessary for personnel to reach under a live, unstable load.

Key Features:

  • Low Clearance when not inflated
  • High Lifting Force
  • Kevlar Reinforced Rubber
  • Easy to Use, Store, and Transport
  • Minimizes risk of sparks and damage caused by mechanical or hydraulic devices

Sava manufactures pneumatic high-pressure heavy lifting air bags for heavy-duty, low profile heavy lifting, emergency rescue, HAZMAT management and industrial use.

Pneumatic Lift Bags

Lifting Air Bags

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RENTAL TOOLS ONLINE is the preferred (and often only!) source for professional-grade inflatable air lifting bags like this Sava Heavy Duty Air Lifting Bag from SAVA, providing a broad range of specialized industrial equipment for rent for heavy-duty projects all over the world. We're proud to be the industrial equipment & tool rental company professionals rely on to provide the quality brand name tools you need to successfully complete your project - on budget and on time.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 101122
Weight 12
Country of Manufacture Slovenia
Mfr. Model Number SLK 1
Link to User Manual SAVA Lift Bag User Manual
Link to Schematics x
Link To Catalog
Technical Specifications No
Free Shipping No

Product Questions

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Do the Sava Lifting bags require the use of the Sava hoses and the controller to be used? Or can a normal pneumatic hose work? Along with a normal pneumatic compressor.
what is the un-inflated thickness of the Sava PowerLift Heavy Duty bags.
A 5 foot cast iron radiator set into a wall has tipped backward. Need to get behind it and push out in order to shim the back legs. Will pressure from inflated back risk the integrity of the wall? Any recommendations? Thanks
What would I need to use to lift the side of a concrete boat ramp that has the sand washed out under one side and has sunk about 3inches on one side and has created a uneven lip with the adjacent concrete slab.
Neither are cracked or broken. Hoping to use low pressure air.
We will have to dig additional sand out to get lift bag in, looking at smallest bag that will do the job.
I was wanting to know how high theses bags could lift. I'm experimenting with something that I'd like to use 1 bag on each corner (4total) and go from 3" to 18" in height. Is this possible?
What would you recommend to lift a dropped 900 lb cruiser motorcycle off the ground a foot or two so I can proceed to lift it the rest of the way by hand?
Cantilever boat lift (700 lb) sunk in much. Would this be useful for lifting the corner of the lift that has sunk?
Which air bag would you recommend for lifting a floating dock?
Want to lift boat with outboard out of water for winter. It a fantasy g13 small 2 seater run about. Just don't want bottom staining. Fresh water lake Lanier. Ideas?
Can you lift a house?