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AMCOM III 2830R-08 Three-Diver Rack Mount Communicator with Inhalation Noise Reduction AVAILABILITY: Normally Ships in 1-5 Business Days

BUY THIS AMCOM III 2830R-08 Three-Diver Rack Mount Communicator with Inhalation Noise Reduction TODAY FROM RENTAL TOOLS ONLINE.
This from Amron(model: 2830R-08) is available at one of the best prices anywhere on the internet or in-store!



• Inhalation Noise Reduction (INR)
This state-of-the-art digital technology eliminates diver inhalation noise - completely.

• High Audio Fidelity
A low noise circuit combined with noise suppression circuitry produces crystal clear speech.

• Automatic Gain Adjustment
Guards against audio signal distortion to enhance audio quality - increases bandwidth 47%.

• Extended Battery Operation Time
The state-of-the-art Class-D digital audio power amplifier provides very low power dissipation, produces less heat, and extends battery life up to 32%.

• Flexible Gain Settings
Adjustable gain settings on the amplifier card support different communication applications and environments.

• Ultra-Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Ultra-low EMI emissions achieved through spread-spectrum and de-phase control techniques provide for interference-free integration with other diving systems.


  • Inhalation Noise Reduction (INR) allows the user to adjust or completely remove each diver’s inhalation noise.
  • Each diver has an individual INR adjustment control and LED indicator to control the level of noise reduction desired.
  • INR LED indicators illuminate when the INR function is actively removing the diver’s inhalation noise.
  • Separate channels and volume controls for each diver and the tender allow individual earphone and microphone adjustments, equipment variations and comfort levels.
  • Support for 4-wire mode (full duplex) or 2-wire mode (push-to-talk) or any combination of the modes for any of the diver circuits.
  • Communicator comes standard with rear mounted MS connector, providing connections to diver and tender inputs and outputs.
  • Use dynamic or pre-amplified diver microphones – a unique circuit detects microphone type and automatically adjusts volume levels.
  • Weatherproof noise cancelling push-to-talk microphone for better tender voice intelligibility. For optimum clarity, see Tech Note(below) for other recommended equipment.
  • Battery Condition Indicator - Visual LED indicator of battery condition.
  • Internal charging system with battery back-up allows for simultaneous charging and operation of the unit while protecting the rechargeable battery from being overcharged. Back-up battery automatically supplies power to the audio amplifier when AC power is disconnected to allow for continued operation up to 32 hours.
  • Audio IN and audio OUT RCA connections supplied for receiving and sending standard audio line-level signals to and from another device. Two rack mount communicators can be interconnected for double redundancy requirements and/or can double the number of users as needed.
  • Ultra-low EMI emissions provide for interference-free integration with other diving systems.


AMCOM™ 2830R-08 –Three Diver Deluxe Rack Mount Communicator with Inhalation Noise Reduction includes:

  • (1) Amron 2405NC-28 Noise Cancelling Hand-Held Push-to-Talk Microphone
  • (1) Amron 2890-05 12 VDC Sealed Lead Acid Gel-Cell Rechargeable Battery with Slide Terminals
  • (1) MS-3106A-28-16P MS Connector - 20 Pin for Two & Three-Diver Communicators
  • (1) MS-3057-16A Cable Clamp – Green
  • (1) Amron P-2392 Power Cord
  • (1) Amron 283XA-UM Three-Diver Portable Communicator User Manual


  • Amron 2490-28 Noise Cancelling Deluxe Headset with Boom Mic (dual ear muffs)
  • Amron 2490SM-28 Noise Cancelling Deluxe Headset with Boom Mic (single ear muff)
  • Amron 2401-28 Deluxe Headset with Boom Mic (dual ear muffs)
  • Amron 2401SM-28 Deluxe Headset with Boom Mic (single ear muff)
  • Amron 2822-28 Remote Walk-and-Talk (4-wire mode)
  • Amron 2821-28 Remote Walk-and-Talk (2-wire mode)


  • All communicators will inherently transfer topside noise to the divers when the tender speaks directly into the communicator’s Panel Mic. To reduce topside background noise, use the 2405NC-28 Noise Cancelling Hand Held Push-to-Talk Microphone included with this model.
  • For optimum communications in normal topside environments, we recommend the 2401-28 Deluxe Headset with Boom Microphone.
  • For maximum noise cancellation in loud environments, we recommend the 2490-28 Noise Cancelling Deluxe Headset with and Boom Mic (Dual Ear Muffs).
  • To allow the tender more freedom of movement, we recommend the 2822-28 Remote Walk-and-Talk with 25 ft. cable (4-wire mode) or the 2821-28 Remote Walk-and-Talk with 25 ft. cable (2-wire mode).
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 141549
Weight 20
Country of Manufacture
Mfr. Model Number 2830R-08
Link to User Manual No
Link to Schematics No
Link To Catalog No
Technical Specifications
  • Input Impedance (each input): 250 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 300 - 10000 Hz
  • Common Mode Rejection: 40 dB Minimum
  • Current Drain @ Maximum Volume: 3 Amps
  • Minimum Quiescence: 0.190 Amps
  • Output Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Power Supply Voltage: 12 VDC Nominal (9 Volts Minimum - 16 Volts Maximum)
  • AC Power Operating Range: 90-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Sensitivity (input): 5 mV
  • Output Power (RMS @ 4 Ohm Load, 12 VDC): 10 Watts Audio
  • Rear Connector Input/Output: 20 Pin Female MS
  • Enclosure: 19 in. Rack, Aluminum, Black Anodized
  • Back-Up Battery: 1 ea. 12 VDC Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: 32 hours
  • Height: 7 in. (17.8 cm.)
  • Width: 19 in. (48.3 cm.)
  • Depth: 13 in. (33.0 cm.)
  • Weight: 19.75 lbs. (8.96 kg)
  • Free Shipping No

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