Inflatable Pipe Plugs



Whether it’s a small pipe system or a large one, Rental Tools Online has what you're looking for. We have a wide selection of inflatable pipe plugs for rent and sale in sizes up to 120", as well as pipe bandages and leak sealing bags. All our standard proprietary formula rubber pipe plugs are also available in chemical-resistant chloroprene. Whether you need to plug municipal, commercial, high-pressure, or large diameter pipes, we have the Kevlar-reinforced inflatable pipe plugs you need ready for rent or purchase. 

It is very difficult to find many types of pipe plugs available for rent. Rental Tools Online has all sizes availble, from a few inches to 120 inches!

Introducing SAVA inflatable pipe plugs

SAVA manufactures pipe plugs for any type of commercial or industrial use, from extensive pipe networks to one-off, modified systems. SAVA has a reputation for quality, and as one of the largest manufacturers of advanced rubber products, that quality comes at an affordable price.


Unique Qualities of SAVA


SAVA uses the most durable materials and rigorous tests to ensure the safety and longevity of their inflatable pipe plugs:


  • Suitable for commercial, municipal, large diameter, or high-pressure pipes and pipe systems.
  • Molded from special NR-SBR rubber and made to be lightweight without compromising on toughness.
  • Flexible design to make tricky installations easier, especially in difficult-to-access locations, through manholes and around 90-degree bends.
  • Reinforced with Kevlar for extra durability.
  • Tested at three times their working pressure to ensure safety.
  • Sturdy products designed for difficult jobs in tough environments.


  Commercial Series Inflatable Pipe Plugs

SAVA’s commercial series pipe plugs are lightweight plugs designed for commercial and light industrial work. These pipe plugs are available in two versions, blocking and bypass. Blocking pipe plugs will completely halt pipe flow, while bypass plugs can be used with measuring devices to help you pressure test pipe systems and determine flow rates.

These commercial series inflatable pipe plugs are easy to install and use and have standard tire valves, meaning inflating and deflating them is very simple. SAVA commercial pipe plugs are only available for purchase.

Municipal Series Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Municipal pipe plugs are available in a large variety of sizes, from 3 inches up to 72 inches. Like the commercial series, municipal pipe plugs can be used whether you want to completely block flow, or with a bypass valve for flow-through testing. Municipal inflatable pipe plugs are meant for more heavy-duty projects and maintenance than commercial.

       Large Diameter Inflatable Pipe Plugs
SAVA's large diameter pipe plugs are perfect for sewer systems and other very large pipes. These pipe plugs are manufactured in a “pillow” style, so they can easily be folded and inserted into pipes. This makes them ideal for inserting through small openings, including manholes and other access points. When inflated, these pipe plugs can block pipes up to 10 feet in diameter. They’re available with or without bypass ports allowing for flow-through and pressure testing. 

Pipe Accessories and Maintenance Supplies

In addition to pipe plugs, we also rent and sell a variety of accessories including inflatable pipe bandages and leak-sealing bags. These are ideal for temporary fixes until you can get a more permanent solution in place. We also offer the Superior line of smoke testing equipment.



Models Available for Use in Chemical & Corrosive Environments

All SAVA inflatable pipe plugs are also available in chloroprene, a chemical and corrosive-resistant material, ideal for use in environments where rubber could be compromised.

SAVA inflatable pipe plugs can be conformed to almost any pipe configuration. Their small deflated size makes insertion and operations fast, easy, and safe. Filling the plugs with air or inert gas lets them expand to completely block pipes for maintenance, construction, or other projects. 

At Rental Tools Online, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality inflatable pipe plugs, together with expert service and enhanced customer support. Give us a call at 866-952-8665 or fill out our contact form today and find out how we can help your organization.


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