Pneumatic Lift Bags and Accessories

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Sava PowerLift Lifting Bags are used for lifting loads up to 77 US tons. Use when maximum lifting force is needed in low clearance situations. Each of these heavy lift air bags exerts up to 116psi on the contact surface. Solid brass and thick Kevlar-cord reinforced rubber pneumatic lifting system minimizes risk, sparks, and damage caused by mechanical or hydraulic devices.


Sava PowerLift Lifting Bags have a thin profile and are simple to use. The convex, dimpled interlocking surface and safety straps provide superior gripping power when two lifting bags are stacked on top of each other. Twelve standard sizes are available with lift capacity to 77 tons. Safety straps minimize shifting hazards and allow bags to to be strapped together for safety. Safety straps provide anchorage for attachment of pulling and placement ropes so it is less necessary for personnel to reach under a live, unstable load.

Key Features:

  • Low Clearance when not inflated.
  • High Lifting Force.
  • Kevlar Reinforced Rubber.
  • Easy to Use, Store, and Transport.
  • Minimizes risk of sparks and damage caused by mechanical or hydraulic devices.

Sava manufactures pneumatic high-pressure heavy lifting air bags for heavy-duty, low profile heavy lifting, emergency rescue, HAZMAT management and industrial use. Pneumatic Lift Bags Lifting Air Bags