AS23 9" Hydraulic Underwater Grinder

 Stanley    Joint Zone Equipment
 GR29    AS23
Disc Diameter
 9 in / 230 mm    9 in / 230 mm
 3200 topside / underwater not specified @12gpm (30lpm)    5500 topside / 2200 underwater @12gpm (30lpm)
Supply Oil Flow
 4-12 gpm / 15-45 lpm    5-9 gpm / 20-34 lpm
Supply Oil Pressure
 1000 - 2000 psi / 70 - 140 bar    2000 - 2900 psi / 140 - 200 bar
 15 lbs / 6.8 1/2 kg    12 lbs / 5 kg
 5⁄8" – 11 Threaded    5⁄8" – 11 Threaded
Country of Manufacture
 Various    Italy
Stanley's Underwater GR29 Grinder can be used for grinding and cleaning with either cup or standard grinding wheels, wire or nylon brushes. The integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor is manufactured to exacting standards to deliver maximum efficiency. The plastisol covering the handle transmits very little heat. The plastisol gives a more comfortable grip to the tool. There are two positions available for the assist handle to be conveniently placed by the operator. Either position is at a most comfortable handling position from the valve handle. The wheel guard is adjustable. By loosening the clamp screw the guard may be rotated to any convenient.  

The Joint Zone AS23 is a compact angular grinder / cut off saw with high-torque and great reliability.

The AS23 is irreplaceable in difficult environments both topside and underwater, for the maintenance of utility networks, and metal brushing for preparation of welding.

Mounts standard discs with 9” diameter (230mm) or metal brushes for scrubbing or cleaning ship hulls and propellers from marine formations.

With a cutting disc, the AS23 becomes a precise cut off saw whose light weight and maneuverability allows complete rotation around large pipes easing the cut in narrow spaces.



- Exclusive hydraulic “orbital” motor fabricated in Italy with high speed and high torque; motor does not reduce speed even with high load on disc.

- Advanced design minimises the number of moving parts. Internal mechanism is always bathed in oil to assure constant lubrication and long operative life.

- High tolerance to back pressure allows the use of long oil hoses.

- Two position side handle.


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  1. JointZone AS23 9" Underwater Hydraulic Grinder

    Joint Zone AS23 9" Hydraulic Underwater Grinder

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