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These are the most versatile of all the underwater lift bags Subsalve makes and can be rigged in any combination. Easy to use in a variety of configurations, enclosed flotation bags can be used upright or flat, and both inside and outside structures. These enclosed bags are very useful for bringing objects to the surface, including for underwater salvaging of vessels and automobiles, and in emergency situations involving ships, aircraft, submersibles, and ROVs. Each bag has a stainless steel 1/4-inch quick-connect for inflation and a 3/4-inch ball valve for inflation or deflation.

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Salvage pontoons are cylindrical floating bags for shallow water salvage, reducing vessel drafts, and raising objects to the surface. With lift capacities of up to 100,000 pounds, pontoons are suitable for jobs of any size. Salvage pontoons are often deployed for control in cable and pipeline operations and are perfect for rigging a vessel for long-term towing of large objects.

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Subsalve Professional Lift Bags
Subsalve's most versatile and easy-to-use underwater lift bags are their Professional Lift Bags. Originally known as a “deep ocean” lift bag, this professional underwater lift bag is able to lift weights of up to 100,000 pounds. Designed for deep-water applications, heavy construction, and difficult salvage projects, these professional lift bags provide excellent lifting capacity while remaining lightweight and easy to use.
These open-bottom, parachute-shaped bags have a single attachment point and have many deep water uses. They provide maximum lifting capacity with a small total bag weight.

Originally designed for the U.S. Navy, Subsalve’s underwater lift bags are perfect for construction, salvage, and other deep-water projects. Subsalve’s lift bags are designed for the toughest environments and feature:

  • High-strength, durable materials resistant to tearing and bursting
  • Special abrasion-resistant technology to enhance the life of the lift bags
  • Resistance against most petrochemicals
  • Protection from ultraviolet light
  • Maximum lifting capacity with the smallest footprint
  • Low elasticity for easy inflation and handling

We sell and rent enclosed flotation bags, salvage pontoons, commercial lift bags, and professional lift bags. Contact us today and find out how we can help you. All our bags are available for purchase, but not all are rentable.

We provide Subsalve’s pontoons in both a standard cylinder shape and more elongated tubes. All Subsalve salvage pontoons include a replaceable, heavy-duty nylon webbing lift harness built into the body of the lift bag. Designed for safety, they have a working ratio of 6:1. The harness arrangement in the pontoons keeps the bags in a horizontal position to ensure maximum stability and control.

Be aware: Salvage Pontoons have multiple attachment points. All attachment points must be connected with the shackles we provide, and the load must be evenly distributed. If you need a large pontoon, you will also require a separate lifting beam to evenly distribute the load.

Commercial underwater lift bags can be deployed in remote locations or from small craft. Designed for use by single divers, they’re ideal for light salvage, object recovery, construction, and scientific applications. Their small size and lightweight construction doesn’t compromise their toughness and durability. They have an open bottom design, meaning they can self-vent as they ascend. Divers can also manually vent the bags via a plunger dump valve or lanyard.

All of our Subsalve lift bags come with shackles, valves, and all the hardware you need. They are ready for immediate deployment and use. Each underwater lift bag is rigorously tested prior to shipping, and must pass stringent U.S. Department of Defense standards.


Rental Tools Online is the premier online distributor of Subsalve products for both rentals and sales. We offer underwater lift bags, salvage pontoons, enclosed pillow bags, and the vehicle recovery system. All sizes of lift bag up to 100,000 lbs. are available.